What's the difference between bobbins?
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Style L bobbins are 5/16" in depth,
nearly 75% of all home machines use
the Style L bobbins.  
Style A = Class 15
Taller than the style L bobbins.
Style L
Should I use plastic sided and cardboard sided bobbins?
Some machines seem to run better with the cardboard-sided bobbins because the
cardboard sides provide a bit of friction and backlash is usually not a problem.  But
then, many embroiderers prefer the plastic sides.

Should I use a polyester or a cotton bobbin thread?
Polyester has very little or no lint. Cotton prewound bobbins will throw off lint and will
require more frequent machine cleaning.  Polyester will melt if you iron the clothing
from the back, cotton will not.  It's really a matter of preference whether you use poly
or cotton bobbin thread.
What's the difference between Style A and Style L bobbins?
What's the difference between spun and filament thread?
Spun is made by spinning multiple fibers together. These fibers are more fuzzy and is
that it produces extra lint and requires more cleaning of your bobbin case and machine.

Filament thread is one single, continuous strand, rather than multiple strands spun
together. This thread creates very little lint and has a more uniform diameter which
produces less breakage.
Bobbin samples - price includes shipping!
Not sure which bobbin works in your machine? We'll send a NEB style L, sideless style L, cardboard side style L, cardboard side style A.
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