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Use a metallic needle, instead of your usual sewing needle, and you'll have less
shredding.  A metallic needle has a larger eye than an embroidery or quilting needle.

But if it's last minute and you don't have time to go to the store to get a metallic
needle, try using a slower speed and place the spool farther away from the
For example, put a thread stand next to your machine so you can run the thread to
your machine, but place the cone of thread on the floor.  Doing this helps the kinks
work themselves out as the metallic is drawn off the cone as you sew.  Try it, it
works!! And remember to slow the speed down too.
Place a layer of dissolving stabilizer (I like the Light WSS by the yard the best) over
the hooped fabric.  Spray a light mist of food grade silicone spray over the WSS and
place the hoop on your machine.

This does two things....as the needle penetrates the top stabilizer, a tiny bit of silicone
coats the needle, and by spraying the stabilizer, rather than placing a small bit of
silicone on the thread, you avoid getting silicone on your tension discs.

When you're finished, spritz some water on the WSS and brush it away.

You'll find food grade (non-staining) silicone spray in quilt shops, or do a search online
for quilting silicone spray.  Just be sure you don't use automotive grade silicone spray!
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