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Summer Specials!
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Variegated Thread - 10 pack
with choice of two thread
10 random colors of our variegated thread, 1,100 yards. Great for all your
projects, especially quilting!
Choose between 50wt Cotton Corespun or 40wt 100% Cotton
50% off Retail!
10 cones for only $21.99
Due to limited stock of these threads, we cannot offer any substitutions.
5,000 yards of invisible
(monofiliment or
For a wide variety of
uses...extremely strong,
durable, and near invisible!
Our Regular Price    $5.00
Special Price    $3.00
Specials, page 2
New! Examine our Zippers!
5,000 yds
Thick wooly nylon
Our Regular Price
Special Price
Wooly Nylon Thread
5,000 yds
Thick wooly nylon
Our Regular Price
Special Price
Sand Beige
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Silver Metallic Thread
Now - $3.50
Beautiful metallic thread in two sizes...
Small - 1,100 yds Regular Price $  5.50
Large - 2,500 yds Regular Price $10.00
Beautiful serger thread in 6,000 yard
cones, available in a variety of colors
Regular Price - $3.50
Now - $3.00
Now - $3.99
Embroidery Twist Special!

For every $25 order, receive
1 free spool of twist embroidery
2 spools for $50 order...3 for $75, etc.
Note: this product hits your cart at $0.00...if you do not have a
minimum of $25 for your order, we will not include in your order!
Serger Sewing Thread
5,000 yards of
beautiful rayon
thread in marigold
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Special Price   
Robinson Anton Rayon Thread