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Textured Poly thread - black or
10,000 yard cone (some might be larger, but
never smaller)
Perfect for "stretchy" knits
Our regular sale
price is $6.00
Specials, page 3
Regular Price: $2.50
Retail Price: $4.50
Sale Price: $1.50
Signature White Embroidery thread
Air-entangled, 1,000 yards
Thread Assortment!
Random assortment of thread on spools,
for an average price of $0.10 each!
Stock up now for your sewing kit.
10 / $1.00
Note: random spools only, no color selections
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Heavy duty
Anefil Nylon
1-lb cone
Evergreen color
Regular Price: $14.00
Sale Price: $10.00

Color #2270
Hunter Green
Sterling (Marathon) Polyester
Embroidery Thread

1,100 yards

Color #2227
Pastel Aqua
Upholstery Thread
Heavy Duty 69T
Anefil Bonded Nylon
Specials, page 1
Robinson Anton Rayon
Rayon Embroidery Thread, 1,100 yards
Robinson Anton 5 Shade Kit
5 cones of rayon embroidery thread, choose
your shade and we will choose the thread.
1,100 yards
Sale Price: $7.50 for 5!
Sale Price: $3.50