2.5 oz Medium cutaway - 9"x 12yd roll
Excellent for stretchy fabrics and medium stitch counts. Great for fleece, pique knits and other stretchy fabrics.
Medium-weight Stabilizers
2.5 oz Medium cutaway - 12"x 12yd roll
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Fuse and Stick - 9"x 12yd roll
One side has a low-melt adhesive, activated by using a
medium setting on a hand iron, no steam.  The other
side is a sticky adhesive protected by a paper backing.  

Simply iron the fusible side to the right side of your
fabric, remove the release paper from the sticky side
and place your applique on top.  
Fuse and Stick - 12" x 12 yd roll
100 Medium Cutaway - 7.5" squares
Test Cloth by the yard
A white or off white fabric, sold
by the yard

May not be the same
75¢ a yard!
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15 Stabilizer Samples - 7.5"x7.5" squares
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15 samples of our most
popular selling stabilizers.

Light, medium, heavy
tearaway - Heavy soft
tearaway - Tear & Wash -
Medium, Heavy, NoShow &
Fusible NoShow Cutaway,
WSS topping, Hydro-Stick
Tearaway, PeelandStick,
Fuse and Tear, Sew and
Wash, Fuse and Stick.
LCM 60" fabric WSS by the yard
Compare to vilene. Fabric-like medium weight WSS by the yard, 60" wide
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Easily remove excess stabilizer from the finished embroidery – any remaining residue will dissolve with regular
washing.  Ideal for towels, chair backs, napkins, or linens where the back side of the embroidery is visible.
Sew and Wash - 9" x 12 yd roll
Sew and Wash - 12" x 12yd roll
Soft stable fabric designed to dissolve in water for use
specifically on towels, corduroy, sweaters, and other items with a
2 oz Tear and Wash - 9"x 12yd roll
2.5 oz Medium cutaway - 20"x 10yd roll
2 oz Tear and Wash - 12"x 12yd roll
2 oz Tear and Wash - 19"x 10yd roll
1.8 oz Medium tearaway 9"x 12yd roll
for children's wear, woven materials, towels, fleece and caps.  1.8 0z.
1.8 oz Medium tearaway 12"x 12yd roll
Fuse and Tear - 9" x 12yd roll
Fuse and Tear - 12" x 12yd roll
This stabilizer is great for knits and other stretchy fabrics.
Iron the fabric to the Fuse and Tear before placing in the
hoop, or hoop the stabilizer and iron the fabric in the
Eliminates annoying shifting, sliding and puckering of
material. Excess will tear away, leaving no sticky residue.
E-Z Tear 12 x 12
E-Z Tear 9 x 12
A medium weight perforated tearaway with a soft feel, making this ideal to use on children's wear. Flame retardent. Tears easily and cleanly around embroidery.