1. "Why did I get charged twice?"
Please call your credit card company (or PayPal) to verify that you were charged twice.

(You will be told "No, you weren't charged twice.  Your statement reads as follows... on such and
such date, your account received an AUTHORIZATION.... on such and such date Long Creek Mills
used their authorization to send the charge through.  Your account was charged once.")

Long Creek Mills doesn't have the ability to send a charge through twice, we built a protection into
our site that automatically keeps this from happening.  

But, don't take our word for it, call your company.
3. "Do I have to buy LCM thread in a set or can I order certain colors?"
2. "Is there a less expensive way to ship my order?"
When you send your order through, the charge is actually not sent to your credit card right away.

First we make sure your credit card wasn't used fraudulently.  Then we change your shipping costs
accordingly. For example, the thread wrap orders are getting about $5 taken off the shipping costs,
since it only costs $2.53 to ship those.

If you place items in your shopping cart and the shipping seems excessive, don't worry...we'll
adjust it to the actual shipping costs before it gets sent to your card. We charge actual USPS
costs + cost of the box and that's it! GGG
Put a 20 pack of LCM mini king cones in your shopping cart.  Then, during checkout, in the
message area, leave a message that you really want 20 different shades of green!  or blue!

Or put 5 LCM king cones of black in your cart and leave a message that you really want a LCM king
cone of navy blue, red, black and 2 white.  

We'll be happy to substitute the exact color you're looking for!

(Note: We are unable to make substitutions for thread in the Poly-X40 thread kits, since those
colors are already available individually.)
You can substitute for any color under the sun.  For example:
2. a.  "You didn't charge me actual postage costs, could you explain?"
That's right, we didn't charge actual postage costs.  We charged actual shipping
costs. The cost of the box, shipping label and tape is about $2 per order.  We tell
folks on many web pages that we charge actual SHIPPING costs.

We could raise the cost of our products to give you a free box but we think this
makes more sense.
Shop at the mill & pay for gas and state tax.
Shop on the website and pay shipping.
Your choice:
Your satisfaction is guaranteed with anything you purchase from Long Creek Mills